Dancing waves

Summer's dance

The lashing waves pounded the crystal shore carving out time, so respondent to nature’s rhythms. Frothing crests upon the shores like cappuccinos topped on endless blue waters whose thin line separates reality and imaginary worlds beyond.

It’s been a long time since my daughter Chelsea and I have shared a sunny day alone especially at her favourite place, the beach. The sea breezes wisp her golden locks, the sun sparkles upon her fair skin. Joyfully singing about her day, frolicking so contently as if the sounds of the waves were music to her ear, hypnotic, rhythmical and calming. Her and I at peace here, alone with imaginative thoughts that become spell bounding as the tides bring stories to mind. Our grand sand castles dot the beach, only waiting to be renewed by Neptune’s wave and be born again. “ Dance with me” she asked. “It’s fun you will see” She gentle took my hand and whisked me to nature’s stage only to choreograph my every move, footprints echoing each of our dance steps. It wasn’t long before the stage was hers prancing in and out of the waves, tiptoeing and rocking her version of swan lake and the beautiful princess. What summer fun, a picnic filled with love and happiness. I have been blessed with such a bundle of joy; I simply wait for the next sunny day when we can once again play out my childish dreams in nature’s auditorium.


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