Letters in the sand

Sands Text

Letters in the sand, letters of significance, letters of love… the chase, the union, the memories. How over time we have ignored the essence of the simplest of gestures, the whispers of encouragement, the wonders of co-existence. Unequaled by knowing what is right and most of the time delivering the opposite. How hurt simulates the blanket in which we judge others and ourselves. Have we truly forgotten how to love or is it that we have forgotten how to listen. Silence can betray us to, for it is without thought one can waste precious time enveloped in selfishness and adorning ones love with hope. You may feel betrayed by a love that turned to lust, a dream that didn’t bloom, or a life that became dormant but without trust the foundation could not be strong in which to form the bond.

Letters of the heart, letters of change, letters like this…. the desire, the apology, the need to understand. How often have letters been unnoticed, rejected or even destroyed, a justification of one’s disappointment with life, a rage or even jealousy. Yet the memories are often stronger and linger as taunting thoughts looking for a reason to come home, to be comforted or loved. We all get here for one reason or another, some small and some out of proportion. Have we then given thought to why, and how many times have we ignored the effect on others. Is it easier to procrastinate what’s real, for the pain is far greater than expected or do we find paths that reunite happiness and kindle the love only to have our dreams put on hold.


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