Indentations of moments lived

Lifting the light that lurks beyond the mist to breezes that bring the anticipation of life’s dreams, to feel that wet spray upon ones brow and share the warmth of the new born sun just upon the neck. Angel’s breath, a whisper or two, we have shared the view for it is within this footprint we dare to live in worlds connected, our feet immersed on shifting sands, our hearts share visions yet to be seen. The fine chalk line dotted the blue board’s horizon as sailing ships of old, dance like musical notes, playing our tunes, listen again the memories of old, enchant us as songs of the past flirt with the morning light. Freedom applauds, as the wings of light perch on the edge of the shore, resting awhile, to fly once more, to see beyond these tides, that space which once again will be there another time.


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