Summer tidings in the sand, how at times like artists we carve out of what was once a clean sheet, our signature, as if to take ownership to what was once an empty page. Letters in the sand, our names become instant gratification, an autograph left for Neptune’s diary to become part of the millions collected from all of the sandy beaches of the world, daily.


My wife, Joy, sent me this picture of Chelsea, while enjoying one of those Nova Scotia family beach days, somehow she new this photo would have a profound affect on my day. Chelsea not unlike most five year olds often becomes frustrated, you know I didn’t get my own way so… and as Joy told it, “ This day for whatever reason simply she was just out of sorts and couldn’t figure it out for herself. Her only outlet was to turn and immediately strut off to the ocean’s edge and began to carve out her name in the sand. The larger the better as if to make a statement for those who were watching her and upstaging anyone around.”

After hearing the story and looking at the photo I couldn’t help but think of what went through her mind as she used this time to rearrange her thoughts and find peace within herself. I imagined her little voice inside saying “Ta-Dah! It’s finished,” upon which she would have danced around with a true sense of accomplishment and forgotten what had troubled her previously.

How often do we find ourselves whether young or old needing to find that space, to calm ourselves down, to find peace of mind or even to count to ten. In relating to this story, it brought me closer to the person I am inside and that creativity is my outlet for finding peace from within. I don’t know how many times I have escaped to that special place, especially when things go wrong, when life isn’t working out or when I’m having a bad day. It is wonderful to have experienced once again, that Chelsea, however life presents itself, is like her dad in so many wonderful ways. Like father, like daughter. Ta-Dah!


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