Summer tidings in the sand, how at times like artists we carve out of what was once a clean sheet, our signature, as if to take ownership to what was once an empty page. Letters in the sand, our names become instant gratification, an autograph left for Neptune’s diary to become part of the millions collected from all of the sandy beaches of the world, daily.


My wife, Joy, sent me this picture of Chelsea, while enjoying one of those Nova Scotia family beach days, somehow she new this photo would have a profound affect on my day. Chelsea not unlike most five year olds often becomes frustrated, you know I didn’t get my own way so… and as Joy told it, “ This day for whatever reason simply she was just out of sorts and couldn’t figure it out for herself. Her only outlet was to turn and immediately strut off to the ocean’s edge and began to carve out her name in the sand. The larger the better as if to make a statement for those who were watching her and upstaging anyone around.” Continue reading


Dancing waves

Summer's dance

The lashing waves pounded the crystal shore carving out time, so respondent to nature’s rhythms. Frothing crests upon the shores like cappuccinos topped on endless blue waters whose thin line separates reality and imaginary worlds beyond. Continue reading

Sounds of silence

Alone, early sunrise on Kushog

Amidst the silence of her sleep I found myself carving a path over her mirrored back, my paddle, my sword. This morning became my quest to lose my place in time; no other sounds were audible, for the lake was asleep. The wind whispered over the land, goose bumps appeared on her smooth surface as if to awaken her gently, the morning light trying to pierce through the early mist, dancing on the shore line with its infrequent glimpses. Her back now warming up to the morning’s early sun rising to announce the day. The night’s passions now forgotten, the new day bringing a new dawn, nature’s hand is drawn across her, the sounds of the land melodically echoing her joy. The leaves rejoice as if to reflect the whispers of the wind, how ironic that man creates devises to listen in on nature, where nature can orchestrate and experience her own music for our enjoyment. Continue reading

Each new tide, a new beginning

It has been a long time in the making or should I say with some reservation how can I get started, often thought about the importance of keeping a journal but publishing my thoughts publically was always questionable. I hope that I can do justice to this space and offer my perspective on life as reflections of my work over the years.