Awaiting Spring's return motionless upon winters breath

I have had extraordinary opportunities to witness nature’s palette and capture the spirit of the moment digitally, reflections of colors that express the moods, the still life waiting to be painted and my own sense of being, one with the camera, one with nature.

Lost Continents

There are times when visual you come upon a scene that is real but often can be fooling. Could I have been 25000 feet in the air, photographing the northern tundra or am I standing upon the shoreline taking shots of the reflections made by the morning mist. Deceiving or not I like to play my imagination, for there are times that we all look for something different when we are faced with reality.

Lady of the Lake

The Lady of the Lake awoke me with the shrilling cry of the Loon that echoed far and wide, my alarm clock. The morning sunrise was about to grace her shores, the mirror like images began to dance as the wind stirred, her spine arched. The morning mist began to lift as to show off her petticoat. I caught the moment on camera, a voyageur’s dream, what a privilege to watch her show. I took a moment to catch my breath. It can be exhilarating at times; she flirts with great anticipation of yet another summer’s day. I’d left for a while; I felt her morning dew on my feet I would return some hours later only to find her dancing with the wind. I was jealous. I had woken with her, she chooses to amuse me. The sun brought her jewels, her entire body sparkled, everyone rejoiced her moments as so did I…happiness can be found in so much. I had forgotten how to laugh, she made me smile. She heard my story of the man on the lake and of Gull’s Island. I am delighted of her visit and she of mine. I can’t wait to say Good Night.


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