Two if by Sea

Two if by Sea

Ever looked out to sea at night, caught a moment of glittering lights and started to wonder if what you saw was real or if by chance it was your imagination. When I photographed this enchanted nightscape of the lake, the evening was quite still, the fog was slowly drifting in and the color was so intensely ultramarine, I somehow knew then I had to suspend it for a later canvas.  Little did I know that the secrets of the night would only then be revealed through the eyes of the camera, behold two small lights glittering like stars in line with each other, like some far away constellation suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Click, captured, contented. Continued… Continue reading


Red Sails

Sailor's delight

Red sky at night, Sailor’s delight, Red sky at morning, Sailor’s warning. Practical origins for this English nursery rhyme are based on weather predictions and how a red sky at night would indicate fair weather on the following day. In England the words refer to a shepherd who would say that a red sky in the morning was suggesting inclement weather to follow. In America the words relate to a sailor. It should be remembered that there were no weather forecasts, as such, in days gone by and one had to make one’s own weather predictions. Those with the most knowledge and experience, such as Sailors and Shepherds, whose lives were dependant on the weather and were fully conversant with changing weather patterns indicated by a “Red Sky at night”. Continue reading